We’ve got a big five (almost 6) month old up in here ya’ll. She is so awesome…officially a world class charmer. We just got back from Texas for my sister’s wedding and Annamarie demanded that she wear her cowgirl hat for the occasion (of course). Traveling wasn’t so bad, we didn’t get kicked off the plane so that’s always a plus. In fact, on the way there we discovered the perks of traveling with a baby in tow. We got to board the plane first, skipped the entire security line in ATL (BIG deal), and the airport employees¬†might have cracked a smile at us. Life is pretty good.

And a big congratulations to my beautiful sister Mary on her marriage to Derek the Awesomest. They are currently backpacking around Europe for their honeymoon…one backpack each, three weeks. Have fun you stinkers!