to my darling clients

Oh how I wish this blog post was full of beautiful pictures from all the recent weddings that I’ve done. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. All the photos are safe and sound, backed up, un-edited, and taking a long nap in Aperture. Meanwhile, I am busy protecting the precious life of our unborn child.

pretty cute, huh? This picture was taken at 10 weeks and if  you’re and ultrasound technician than you can probably spot the very pesky problem. It’s basically a large pocket of blood called Subchorionic Hematoma and it can cause the placenta to detach from the uterus. I’m 12 weeks now and it’s only gotten bigger so we just have to pray that it gets smaller and eventually resolves itself. I’ve been put on bed rest in hopes that this will get better, but all we can really do is trust in God’s plan for this baby! Either way, this baby exists and will exist for all eternity. Wether we meet this baby here on earth or later in heaven, we have still be given the gift of a child and we will never cease praising God for that.


So here I am. On best rest. Surrendering to God’s Will.


I hope this resolves soon so I can get back to work…but I can’t be that selfish. Of course I want to do so many other things, especially start packing for our move to Savannah, GA in less than two months. But this is simply out of my control and I just need let God’s plan unfold in me. Much love to all of you. Please remember us in your prayers : )

xo The Clements

oh and I just have to mention that fact the my husband has been simply amazing through all of this. He is there for me every moment fulfilling all of my silly requests for food and my need for company. (even when he has  a major paper due the next morning) I am so thankful for that man!


  • Julieta said:

    Oh Christine do not worry God is with you and I will be praying for you and the baby's health, specially to Our Lady Virgin Mary of Guadalupe to give you strength and patience through out this months, and when the baby arrives and be placed in your arms that little miracle will remind you of how much you cared for him and LOVE him, and will know how much you fought to give him the best attention when he was in you womb, as he knows you are doing it now. Take much care Christine and know that you are in my prayers always. Much Love from us Julieta and Yeshua <3

  • Christine & T.J. I know what a sacrifice it is to have your life suspended unexpectedly.
    I know what it's like to stop making decisions for yourself in order to do the right thing for others. I pray that God extends His hand to guide you both through this scary and exciting experience in your lives. I know that He will surround you with His arms. Remember to breathe and be grateful for every moment in the present. No couple is more deserving of a beautiful life than you. Prayers and love, The Bosworths (Mallery & Jeff)

  • Meg said:

    Christine you are so strong and your faith is truly inspiring. Thank you for being such a witness to Christ. You, Thomas, and your baby are in my prayers. I miss you guys a lot and I'm so thankful for the time I got to spend with you guys. I have no doubt in my mind the Blessed Mother is with you always, I know how much you guys love her and I know how much she loves you! God bless you!

  • monica said:

    BTW, when you are back on your feet and move to Savannah, you will have TONS of weddings to photograph, don't worry!. People are getting married every second there. I have a wedding to do in Savannah every weekend. Jut focus on whats most important right now. And invest in a asus ee pc netbook. It was the best thing I ever did since I got my nerve damage from the delivery. I lay on the couch and get my work done with my netbook on my lap. It's a bedrest must have!