Alpharetta Teens Prom Night Photos | Senior Photographer

These photos are my take on the typical ‘pre-prom’ photos. I try really hard to create relaxed images, stiff and rigid photography is not my thing. I love how these prom photos turned out!  I hope these teenagers will have fun looking back on these creative senior photos when they are older. It was a fun photography session and I loved being able to photograph those lovely prom dresses against that light and airy background.

Here is a little peak of what I shot, enjoy!

prom 1prom night-girl in white dress-senior photos prom night girl in mermaid dress Prom night handsome boy with red bow tie Prom night handsome-tux with red rose prom3Prom-44Prom-20 Prom-71 Prom-73 Prom-86Prom-105 Prom-111

Prom-114 Prom-134 Prom-150

Prom-180 Prom-270