New Family of 3 – Studio Portraits | Alpharetta Family Photographer


As promised, I’m sharing the second part of this family session. For the second half of the session we headed back to my home studio to cool off, chill out, and get some natural and intimate portraits of these new parents with their 1 month old baby boy. Everything was taken in natural light which helped me achieve those soft, neutral colors that I love so much. That sleeping baby was just precious to photograph. His mom told me how he had been up much of the night before so he was tuckered out. The thing that really struck me was how non-complaining this mom was about being up the night before. She had no problem serving her son in this way, she was just happy to have a son and take care of him. Their love for him was so evident as you will see from the photos. These sessions are just joyful and remind me of that newborn bliss phase : ) Better frame it and put it on the wall to remind you on those days that are not so blissful. Those days are sure to happen too! But I think we can all agree that children don’t take away, they add to your life.

newborns photos with mom and dad

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