New born baby boy and his big brother | Atlanta Family Photographer

This Atlanta family of four is so adorable. I loved the chance to photograph their second son, this sweet two week old baby boy named Nicholas. His newborn photo session was set up at their home in Atlanta, I brought my huge bean bag and blankets and all the things with me! This allowed us to take some studio quality portrait shots and also some more natural lifestyle family photos at the same time. This worked out nicely as I got to capture them in their element. (similar to this newborn session) I love how excited big brother was about the new baby. They are going to love having each other to play with..and probably get into all sorts of shenanigans together! I know that his 3 year old big brother Joseph is a climber, so I won’t be surprised if she has two little monkeys climbing around the house soon enough.

Lifestyle sessions are neat because you never know what will unfold! I love how their toddler son jumped on his bike and picked up his guitar to perform for the family. I only wish I could remember what he was singing, but it was something adorable and impressive and way beyond his years! These parents are clearly doing a great job raising their children. I am so grateful to be trusted with capturing their precious family memories.

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