My girls and their books

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My husband returns home today after a very looonnngggg and slowwww week away from us. Oh man. It’s been real. I can’t wait to have him back.

Because it’s so hot outside and I’m trying to avoid netflix as much as I can at home, the girls and I have been doing a TON of reading. It’s actually been really neat watching the girls get more and more interested and entertained with books. Annamarie used to wake me up in the morning asking for a show and now she gets in my bed with a book and quietly reads. She also spends about an hour every night reading in her bed before she crashes.

Felicity demands 3 specific books with her every night when she goes to bed. She also demands no pillow and no blanket, just books. Then she uses her books as a pillow. I don’t understand this child but I will take it.

I have to say, my love for reading TO them has grown also. I love it when they climb into my lap and sit STILL to listen to the story. It’s the only time they sit still and the cuddles are just amazing for me.

I really love it when people share book recommendations, so I might start doing a little of that here and more so on my instagram. So please, if you have any book recommendations for me and the kids, please share!