Lovely Daughters – Testing out the home studio | Alpharetta Photographer

These girls. They are cute but also a mess. Disheveled hair and strange outfits…it’s all a part of their never ending imaginary games. Love how they play together though, they are a gift to each other.

We recently added on to our home by enclosing a screened in porch with lovely white walls and windows to create a new multi-purpose room for me…aka HOME STUDIO! Dreams do come true! : )  I can use this space for photoshoots, newborn sessions and simple portraits (maybe some new dance portraits??). I love the light, it’s completely my style. I really envision some families in here, basking in the light, holding their newborn baby, etc. I hope you can come check it out! Here are a few quick shots I took of the girls in there.

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