Life right now

It looks mostly like this.


This girl. We mutually love each other so much. It’s wonderful. But it’s also really hard. She only wants me to hold her, play, and read books to her all day long. If I’m not doing one of these three things than she is crying and clinging to my legs. It’s hard being present with her when I feel like there is no break. The girls are on separate nap schedules too, so when one kid is sleeping, the other is awake. I feel guilty getting on my computer, but sometimes there is work to be done.


I’ve been going to CrossFit in the mornings and it has been my great escape. The kids play while I burn off some steam & have fun. I was talking with another mom today whose kids are older, 12 & 13. She told me how crazy it is that her kids are that old, that it feels like it happened overnight. I could tell she was almost mourning the end of the baby years. That was a good reminder for me. I’m always thinking so far in the future that I miss the present! I don’t want to blink and see these years gone! So I’m trying to look into those little eyes often, hold that baby more, listen patiently to their thoughts, and PLAY wholeheartedly with them for at least 15 minutes a day! Today I was a turtle, per request of my 3 year old. I don’t know where she gets these things but I was crawling on the floor like a turtle to her great delight. Ha ha haaa … I love being a mommy : )