Kevin + Christy Preview

Just got back from spending a week with my family in Atlanta and finished it off with my brothers wedding this past saturday. The biggest challenge was holding back my tears so I could take pictures! I had so much fun at the wedding and was able to hand off my camera to some friends so I could jump in a few family photos! I am so happy for these two, they could not possibly be more perfect for each other.

So here is my brother Kevin and his beautiful bride Christy : )




And just so you all know, I am WAY behind on my work right now. Between this pregnancy, being out of town, and getting ready to move….It’s slowing down everything. I’ll post a full wedding soon (rephrase, as soon as I CAN)

getting bigger…

  • Donna Aaron Pudysz said:

    Christine, you are absolutely beautiful! Besides the aches and pains here and there during your pregnancy, be sure to enjoy this time and feel how special you are.