Happy Valentine’s Day!



6 reasons why I have loved today:

1. My husband let me sleep in and took care of the kids + breakfast. He also took them to mass so I had the whole house to myself for one glorious hour. It was so quiet. I didn’t even know what to do with myself! Best. Present. Ever.

2. The surprises that my kids woke up to. We left little treats and toys on the table for them. So much fun!

3. The surprise gifts for my hubby. He never thinks I’m going to get him anything because I downplay holidays, but I always get him something ; )

4. The girls wearing many shades of pink and red

4. Eating chocolate.

5. Playing like crazy with my girls. Doing a mini photo shoot in the living room.

6. Going out to dinner & movie with my husband. Blasting music in the car. Eating way too much. Watching a movie that is so stupid it’s funny. Coming home exhausted from a day well spent.

Saint Valentine, thank you for making today special. Pray for us!