E Session: John Henry and Angie


Presenting the engagement photos of Fireman John Henry, and and his lovely fiancee, Angela.

  • Thomas said:

    Wow! These are great photos. You really know how to capture people in a way that is fun and pleasing to the eyes. I hope to see your work in a museum someday.

  • Tippie Shierling said:


    I've know John Henry since "before" he was born. He and my daughter were born 4 days apart. John Henry's Mom and I both worked at Ga. Southwestern State University and kept each other motivated during those last hot July days.

    What priceless pictures these are. So many wonderful, heartfelt shots. I'm glad I don't have to decide which ones to choose!

  • Brittany said:

    I love these pictures! I especially love the ones with the frames - I've seen this and have always wanted to try it!