E-Session: James and Susan

Get a load of this, I took James and Susan’s engagement photos at the very spot where they first met! Those lovely red chairs at Starbucks is where they chatted for the first time. Maybe it was something lurking in the coffee that day, but nonetheless, sparks flew and these two are head over heels for each other. We are talking an adorable and radiant kind of love. The hand of God was certainly involved in this one…

  • Bev & Steve Battaglia said:

    We are so excited about hearing about Sunsan and James's engagement. You make a beautiful couple! We plan to be there to see my Goddaughter married to James and will begin researching travel arrangements. Keep us informed on details so we can plan accordingly.
    Love, Bev and Steve

  • Julieta S. said:

    Wow! can't find the right words to say but they all came out so GREAT! BEAUTIFUL! you did such an AMAZING work Christine! such Lovely photos ;)